Code of Ethics

BrandCruiter Human Services Kft. considers the Code of Ethics of the Hungarian Association of Management Consultants (VTMSZ) binding on itself:

The mission of the members at the Association of Management Consultants in Hungary is to help the successful operation of their clients (companies, organizations, individuals and groups) with scientifically sound methodology and content, with tested, high-quality and objective intellectual services, and with commitment. Members of the Association, in order to reach this goal, in addition to the rules laid down in the occupation of farming and business practices laws voluntarily agrees to comply with this Code of Conduct. The Association of interpretation and explanation of the experience of collecting and learning from these, the continuous development and dissemination, acting against the rules violations of these rules seek to implement the rules.

The Code of Ethics is to be made public to acquire and enhance the management consulting profession Association for social recognition in the business world and the public’s confidence in the profession so that it can respond more by this mission. The Code of Ethics is a part of the relationship between consultants and their clients, on the other hand, the consultants in relation to each other, the competition phenomena covered. The text of this document consultant management consulting company and all their employees, respectively. self-management consultants to understand, to understand the client advisory services are provided or intend this organization and all its employees. The consulting firms shall make every effort to ensure that the provisions of the Code of consultants, subcontractors and other employees are aware of their employment during the period of work, and keep beyond.


1. A member will participate only in work / project that serves the real interests of the client.

2. A member will disclose to the client, to what extent has the competences and qualifications required for the project, and only undertakes the tasks in case the member and / or sub-contractor has the appropriate qualifications necessary to complete the task on a professional and high level.

3. A member will ensure, that the work / work area will be managed and controlled by a person, who has appropriate training and experience in the field

4. A member in a case where the independence or objectivity can be influenced, will clearly disclose it to the client and the client’s decision shall be conditional upon the assistance of consultants, and the conflict of interest must be resolved.

5. A member will treat all client information with strict confidentiality according to the client expectations.

6. A member will not use any client information for personal gain, either directly or through others.

7. A member will not conceal the methods employed in order the fulfilment of the project from the client.

8. A member will attend in the execution of the project conveniently and with due
professional care.

9. A member will provide professionally informed opinion, advise and make appropriate recommendations, and assists clients in solving the problem and achieving the goals.

10. A member will refrain from encouraging unrealistic or exaggerated expectations.


1. The relationship between the member and the client is based on a contract, the
contract is based on a thorough knowledge of the work to be performed. The contract specifications (the purpose of consulting, deliverables, work plan, timing and fees) should be clear and concise, and should be understood and accepted by the client.

2. In case of substantial change of the purpose and content of the consulting task the contract should be maintained. It can be amendment, supplement or a new contract according to the new needs.

3. A member and its employees / contractors will not accept cash or any other benefit or allowance from the client what is not included in the contract.

4. A member will work closely with the client in carrying out the task and regularly inform the client about the project progress (a member will report all important circumstances that significantly affect the task completion)

5. A member continuously will document the project, show it to the client when
requested and archive after the completion of the work. Certificate of completion is based on the documents of the consulting process.

6. A member will not avoid the participation in the implementation of the
recommendations int he case when the consultant have the necessary skills and the client provides the necessary conditions for the implementation of the

7. A member will refrain from inviting an employee of a client to consider alternative employment without prior discussion with the client.

8. The consultants are competing against each other in the market, meanwhile, respect each other and together seek to increase the prestige of the profession. Respect the different counselling approaches, methods and other professionals working in the business. They do not and don’t say anything to other consultants, what spoil their authority.

9. In the case when at the same client two or more consultants work parallel on the same task they will focus on the completion of the job and refrain from criticizing each other.

10. In the case where at the same client and the same time more than one consultant works on different tasks they should initiate contact with each other and record any points of contact. Making coordinated recommendations, or if they have different opinions they discuss it with the client.

11. A member will take on review of the work of other consultant only with the other’s knowledge. In this case they will be working together to learn about the different advisory positions and decisions, and the deeper motives of their recommendations.

12. A member will involve third party consultant only with the approval of the client.

13. A member will be polite, respectful and professional attitude-based with the clients, colleagues, and representatives of the public

14. Not accept benefits from a third party in relation to consultancy work and

15. A member will involve third party consultant only with the approval of the client and will ensure that other consultants carrying out work on behalf of the member are conversant with and abide by this Code of Professional Conduct.