BrandCruiter for sustainability

When brandcruiter Kft.

was founded, we committed ourselves to digital services. We deeply believe that in the 21st century it is time to put an end to paper-based communication and records! When designing our digital business processes, we kept in mind environmentally friendly, fast and transparent company operation. We also count on the support of our partners and website visitors in this:

  1. Please do not print out the contents of the website and do not send us a letter by traditional mail, we can also reduce paper and environmental damage caused by transportation with email communication!
  2. Paper-based advertising messages are immediately thrown into the selective waste bin without being read, because we do not support this outdated and environmentally damaging promotional method!
  3. We also prefer digital contracts, invoicing and electronic communication with our corporate partners.
  4. We rationalize our business meetings and, if possible, use video or telephone conferences to reduce our emissions due to travel.

In our office, we choose electronic sharing instead of printing, we only use recycled paper and we only send correspondence by post if it is unavoidable. In our purchases, we choose ethical local businesses and long-lasting and repairable products.