Corporate services

Recruitment audit

we test - investigate
analyze - solve
recruitment difficulties

Our 14-day company-tailored audit

(trial tenders "mystery shopping", career site investigation, data analysis, professional and candidate experience interviews)

results a to-the-point presentation about the strengths of the company's recruitment processes and the areas that can be developed.

Recruitment workshop

company-tailored quick
help for recruitment
difficulties in 1 day

As a result of our one-day recruitment workshop

  • a list of your strengths/areas to be developed is compiled with a prioritized action plan
  • you take some "quick wins" with you ready and worked out
  • you are enriched with concrete ideas for process improvement
  • you will have a clear picture of where you stand on the recruitment market and your competition compared.

Attraction and Selection

you will become a confident,
conscious professional interviewer after our one-day,
practice-oriented training

as a result of our workshop

  •  you will confidently use basic interview techniques
  • your own question database will be created, which you can use in the next day's interview
  • you will be sure who to choose among applicants with similar qualifications

Consulting, recruitment project management

we mentor, we advise,
we solve - with you
or for you

BrandCruiter consulting or recruitment project management is the solution if

  • as a manager, you don't get to focus on recruitment
  • there are not many applicants
  • it would help if an external eye could look at your processes, and even implement the agreed actions as an external project manager.

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